What causes the price of Chinese stainless steel sink rise drastically on year 2021

Update Time:2021-12-29 16:00:29
From January to March of year 2021,stainless steel 304 material price has rised USD425/Ton in China.
1x40HQ container could load around 4000PCS common size stainless steel kitchen sinks,the net weight of container sink aroun 10 ton,so each sink price has to be rised USD 1.10 more or less.
At the same time,stainless steel 201 material price rised sharply also,and all stainless steel price keep rising in the rest of year 2021.
Which lead our kitchen sink very high sales price,the biggest pusher...
But why the stainless steel kitchen sink rised as that and seems uncommonly?
Firstlly,The covid-19 let most countries' raw material synthesis and production pending,and have to turn to import raw material or full finished products.Comparatively speaking,Covid-19 situation has been controlled more successful in China,most factories and companies start back to work after Chinese new year holiday.Which leads all material demand great,stainless steel material is included.
Secondly,Chinese government issued the relevant policies to reduce production for many raw materials.And the follwing power rationing policy make all products supply in shortage more and price higher again.
Thirdly,Stainless steel futures plate strong rise, and stainless steel futures prices rise substantially, making spot stainless steel prices rise again.  
Fourthly,All suppliers are with strong will to keep stainless steel price firm,which make stainless steel price always rise again after a short time reduction.
In a word,stainless steel kitchen sink price keep high station on whole year 2021,which has been facilitated by many reasons.How about price on year 2022,we think all will be clear but depends on covid-19 control situation in the world and policies.

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What causes the price of Chinese stainless steel sink rise drastically on year 2021


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